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Hi. I'm Karen.

Is Your Journey fulfilling? Mine wasn't.
I became Peacock Bold, found my purpose in life,
and now I AM living out my


I'm here for you.

In a world that often leaves us feeling lost and trapped in never-ending circles, I extend my hand and guide you towards a brighter path. It breaks my heart to witness the struggles faced by women who have experienced profound loss and grief.

Loss can take many forms—a job, a divorce, an empty nest—but the most agonizing grief stems from the loss of a precious child or a beloved soul. It feels unimaginable, as if life has imposed a never-ending sentence upon your heart.

But let me assure you, my dear friend, that grief does not have to define the rest of your days. Although it forever alters your being, it does not have to extinguish the flame of hope within you.

With utmost compassion and empathy, I founded Peacock Memories, a sanctuary where women find solace and healing. It is a lifeline that mends shattered spirits, ignites resilience, and embarks on a transformative journey from despair to focused healing. Here, we embrace the power of self-love, allowing it to wash away past traumas, limiting beliefs, and negative emotions.

I have dedicated myself to the path of a Wellness Practitioner to serve as your steadfast companion in realizing the extraordinary life that awaits you. You are destined for greatness, my dear, and it would be my honor to walk by your side as you unravel the tapestry of your soul and discover your "What's Next" in life.

Together, we will heal your heart, nurture your spirit, and rekindle the flickering flame of hope within. Let us embark on this remarkable journey together, for within you lies the strength to transcend grief and embrace the magnificence of the life you were meant to live

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