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I am a wife, mother, and grandmother to 7!  I was blessed with two wonderful daughters at a young age, and my eldest is my best friend.  My youngest left her earthly body far too soon, after a life of struggles and countless surgeries, and will forever remain 29 years young.  I was her sole caregiver for so many years that I completely lost my own identity.  After her passing, I became stuck on a hamster wheel of grief for 5 long years, something I wouldn't wish for anyone.

It was during those 5 years that I was fortunate to find DoTERRA essential oils, which helped immensely with my physical and emotional pain.  I became a Certified Essential Oil Specialist so that I can share my passion for natural wellness with others.  DoTERRA oils and wellness supplements supported me as I weaned myself away from daily use of prescription narcotics.  I slowly regained my physical and emotional health I began to start to get my life back.

As my milestone 60th year approached, I decided, to indulge myself in some much needed SELF LOVE and high time I start TAKING CARE OF ME, and to create the life of my dreams.  It began with an incredible photo shoot, then workshops and training courses to refine my goals and skills.  I'm so proud to be a Dare to Declare Vision Board Facilitator and a Certified Hypnotherapist.

I am manifesting the vision that I know God has placed on my heart, which is to operate Peacock Memories Retreat, a full circle, grounding and tranquil wellness center and Bed & Breakfast, Coaching so that together, we explore all the ways in which it is possible to move forward into the life you know you were created to live!  Embrace self-love at Peacock Memories Retreat and depart ready to be YOUR VERY BEST YOU.

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