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Welcome to Peacock Memories

Empowering women to rise above loss and adversity. I guide you on a transformative journey from frustration to focus, through healing, support, and personal development. I help women reclaim joy, discover purpose, and embrace life’s possibilities. With empathy and unwavering determination, we honour the resilience of the human spirit, offering a beacon of hope and empowering others to triumph over tragedy.


Hello. Welcome. I am Karen Tavolieri

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I am dedicated to helping you navigate through life's twists and turns, bringing clarity and peace to your journey. I am here to guide you toward finding your true path in a world that often leaves us feeling lost and stuck in endless cycles.
If you neglect self-love or struggle to understand what it truly means, I believe we should have a conversation. I am passionate about assisting women who are facing loss and grief, encompassing a wide range of experiences, whether it be the loss of a job, a divorce, or the bittersweet transition of an empty nest. Above all, I recognize the immense pain caused by the loss of a child or a beloved one, and I am here to support you through the unimaginable.

Our Services

I provide personalized and distinct modalities tailored to meet the individual requirements of my clients, allowing them to achieve their utmost potential.

Learn From Anywhere As Our Classes Are Online.

Guaranteed Results With Any Program Package.









I went to Karen’s Power Word Workshop at a very difficult time in my life. During this workshop I felt a deep sense of peace and calm that reassured me that I could weather the storm. Karen has a unique way of seeing past my current situation to help me unlock parts of me waiting to be fully expressed. She is a genuine human, ambitious and cares about supporting people to be their best selves. Her holistic approach really solidifies transformation. She is the real deal and I could do this workshop over and over again. I would not hesitate to recommend her and her power word workshop (and day retreats). Thanks Karen!

Tina Brigley

“I did a vision board with Karen.

I had a blast discovering my dreams for the future and learning to make goals and set affirmations!

Karen is a Blast!!”

"We had the pleasure of having this done to myself and my husband. 
After many many many way to many years of smoking we are now one day at a time not smoking.  This really did help us we have tried other things in the past and never succeeded.
Thanks Karen"

Colleen -  Hypnotherapy

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